Cool Interior Design Ideas

Today, lets look at some awesome interior design. One image below show to us a modern minimalist living space in white color scheme. The main part in this room is in white, while the secondary things are colorful. The room and furniture serve as canvas, while the accent decor act as the paints, coloring the room. This simple minimalist living room supplemented by cozy sofas in white and white low coffee table with a pot of beautiful flower on its top which elevate the appeal of coffee table. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled by colorful books, and some potted green plants. The large glass windows bring plenty of natural light inside floods the room, make the room brighter and create a more sense of space. Another living room has warm and friendly design with orange touch. This living room with wooden floor and cream painted walls. A white sofa in front of stylish cabinet with a flat screen tv on it top. The low coffee table on soft gray rug complement this modern living room.

To create a masculine interior design, combines white gray and black are always works and it is the wise choice, like shown by one image below. The room is spacious enough, with large glass windows as natural light at day, by bring sunlight inside, create an impression of more space. This room with white color floor to the ceiling. The space furnished with a minimalist sofa in white, a simple countertop om gray rug, a black tv cabinet, wall-mounted tv, wall-mounted overhead cabinets in black white, wall-mounted bookshelves and floating cabinet in pure white. This simple living room design perfect for urban apartment of a single man. It’s color scheme enhance the masculine appeal of living room design. For more inspiration of modern interior design, please visit out following post.

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