Mirroring the Solitude of a Fresh Mountain Setting: Chalet Camelot

Italy-based con3studio completed the design of a spectacular chalet located in a picturesque mountain setting, not far from the border between Italy and France. The dwelling seems to emerge from the snow with the geometric toughness of a natural rock. An inspiring alternation of wood and glass (main materials employed in the building process), Chalet Camelot showcases a deliberately opaque exterior, mirroring the surrounding footprints of wild animals and the solitude of the fresh mountain setting.

As you step inside, the building reveals its true nature. From its comfortable interiors, inhabitants can enjoy a spectacular “lookout venue”, with front seat vistas to the majestic Alps. The chalet is a semi-prefabricated building; the entire construction was previously designed in every detail (including the exact location of all the equipment ), prefabricated during a workshop and assembled on-site. Be sure to also have a look at the lovely bohemian chalet the French Alps, envisioned by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot and published on Freshome a while back!