Modern Apartment In Barcelona Owned By Book Lover

The following is modern apartment owned by two book lovers. The apartment is an interior project of Susanna Cots, and located in Barcelona. The interior with wood-skin that transversely crosses the house. Wood crosses the apartment vertically and horizontally creating an emotional and warm passageway. According to the designer, the main artery that unites the whole space is a wooden lacquered sheet that crosses the rooms and wraps them up like a warm and protective skin.

The apartment accommodates a living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The central area is transversely defined by bookshelves, because the owner of this apartment is book lover and reading is part of the daily routine. The studio is fully integrated into the living room and creates a corner flooded in light, as it is facing the terrace. The living room is bright, in white painted and has a lot of glass windows and glass door make it lavish of natural lights. The ceilings in the dining rooms are dressed in wood, a material which also shapes the furniture that holds the TV and the fireplace. The other spaces of this apartment have been projected in white, with black touches, such as shelves and decorative lamps. The suite is also includes a water area to evoke a relaxed feeling and comfortable environment.