Sunny Amsterdam Apartment Design

Beside known as a beautiful and historic city, Amsterdam is also home to typically gloomy weather. This situation give challenge and at the same time give an inspiration for the architects from MAMM Design when renovating the 85-year-old apartment in our post today. The team took a cue from the owner of home desire for more sunlight and moved around the staircases, knocked down a few walls, and really opened the space up so that it is welcoming for every family member and visitors as well. The kitchen and bathroom are located around the center tower element and utilize the home’s pipe box that already ran through this space. White walls and plenty of vertical space also emphasize the overall area, and make all things feel sunny even when it may be overcast outside.

The creatively sunken kitchen all the way out onto the terrace. A few carefully placed houseplants add a splash of greenery. The open and airy living space on the main floor is kid friendly, yet sophisticated. The bathroom area is centrally located which is convenient in terms of design and renovation, but also in terms of daily use. Various landings throughout the home make it easy for the family to communicate and see one another all day. The dark staircase that blocked so much overhead light in the previous design was removed and replaced with a simple metal grated stairway that climbs to the highest level of the home. In the perch above the kitchen, a simple playroom which is also allows in sunlight. Interior windows are another way light is allowed to travel through the home. The exterior does not betray the modern and spacious interior, but the floor plans offer insight as to how the whole project took shape.