Wooden House With Unified Design And Sharp-Angled Facade By Rossetti + Wyss Architects

The following is Gottshalden, a residential project was completed in 2013 by Rossetti + Wyss Architects. According to he architects : This house is located on a plateau over the Lake Zurich, Switzerland, set in green environment, dominated by agricultural use. The house display a unified design, with a sharp-angled facade and clad-in grey timber. The exterior cover in a single unbroken material, wooden-skin. The wooden-skin defines both walls and rooftop. The windows flush with the exterior are emphasized with lighter-colored reveals and the various geometries lend the structure plasticity.

The floor plan is in L-shaped, organized vertically as a splitlevel through the use of inserted platforms.Floors and ceilings in the interior are made from solid oak. The wood materials in the interior create warmth feel in the entire of the house.The alignment of the rooms switches from one story to the next. The interiors breathe life in their diversity, inserted with careful precision in the enveloping shell : light and shadow, closeness and spaciousness, a cascading staircase. The glass windows frame picturesque view outside. Ventilation is provided by means of a series of glazed doors so as not to obstruct the view. At dusk, the house begins to glow with a warm interior life. The building is reduced to an almost graphical figure, with even the minimal distances to the eaves and corners verging on disappearance.
The house consist of three levels, the ground level, second level and attic level. The ground level contains living area, dining area, and kitchen space. The second level accommodate private spaces, bedroom and bathroom, and the attic level contain a cozy attic bedroom.